DPAM FY 2021 business results

DPAM reaches new heights with EUR 50 billion AUM

  • DPAM reached an important milestone of EUR 50.7 billion in Assets under Management (AuM) or an increase over 15%
  • DPAM celebrated ’20 years of sustained dedication to responsible investments’, to be continued in 2022, opening the path for new initiatives that confirm DPAM’s commitment.
  • DPAM’s Sustainable AuM substantially increased by 28.8% from EUR 15.3 billion to EUR 19.7 billion
  • Its International footprint was again confirmed as growth driver, with a significant amount of growth stemming from outside Belgium.
  • DPAM set-up Syncicap Asset Management, our Asian Buy-Side research and distribution activity in Hong Kong in partnership with OFI AM.
  • Peter De Coensel, formerly CIO Fixed Income, was appointed as new CEO as from October 2021 onwards.
  • Under Peter’s leadership, a CTO at Board level was appointed to stress the strategic importance of data and digitisation for DPAM (effective April 2022).

Brussels, 7 April 2022 – The year 2021 was an important and pivotal year for DPAM, in many respects. The company has experienced for the sixth consecutive year a record growth, with gross assets under management (AuM) rising over 15% to EUR 50.7 billion (31/12/2021 vs. a year ago), of which -next to a positive market effect- a significant share (EUR 1.3 billion) is the result of net new investments from its clients and partners. The company had significant inflows in Equity strategies, more particularly in the Global and European strategies.

After 20 years of sustained dedication to responsible investments, DPAM celebrates its evolution from an ESG solutions provider to a full-fledged sustainable actor, investor and partner. The success of the ESG expertise, which attracted the lion’s share of the 2021 inflows, only serves to accentuate this notable achievement. In fact, AuM in ESG strategies have grown by 28.8% this year, reaching EUR 19.7 billion by year end. This clearly marks a shift in investors’ consciousness, and highlights the undeniable demand for proper ESG investment solutions in general.

The continued success of DPAM’s European expansion, with a significant amount of its growth stemming from outside of Belgium, reaffirms DPAM’s global perspective and international appeal. To mark the firm’s ambitions to strengthen and enrich its global research, a Hong Kong joint venture was set-up with partner OFI Asset Management, for a better understanding and coverage of the local Asian market.

This record year clearly reinforces DPAM in its conviction that active, sustainable and research driven portfolio management brings value to the market. It was also marked by the appointment of Peter De Coensel, formerly CIO fixed income, as new CEO and Head of the Management Board. Under his leadership, steps have been undertaken to bring DPAM to the next level: teams have been strengthened, including portfolio management and research, bringing the total number of employees to 170, covering 12 nationalities. As part of this evolution and in order to stress its strategic importance, a new role as CTO has been created at Board level to mark DPAM’s firm intention to strongly embrace and prepare for the digital future.

Peter De Coensel, CEO of DPAM:

“Our Asset Management business has been committed to offering long-term, conviction based and sustainable investment solutions for over two decades. 2021 results confirm once more that our focus on actively-managed, sustainable and research-based solutions continues to offer an excellent foundation for our investment strategies. It is with ambition to bring DPAM to the next level that we have started 2022 and we have raised technology and innovation to the Board level. As such, we aim to be and remain our clients’ reference partner in sustainable investment solutions, adapted to the digital world”.

DPAM is an independent active asset management firm and manages investment funds as well as discretionary mandates on behalf of institutional clients, for a total amount of EUR 50.7 billion, as of December 2021. DPAM is a responsible investor, pioneer and innovative in responsible and sustainable investing. The firm integrates ESG across asset classes and themes and is also an active owner. DPAM has a strong focus on research with a proprietary in-house fundamental and quantitative analyst team, supporting the firm's asset management activities.


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